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Personalised colouring-in designs

Your child’s name will be embedded in 16 colouring-in designs. You will receive 16 separate JPG files in A4 or A3 size, ready for you to print and hand out to the children.

Print one or all of them. Print them once or 100 times, it’s totally up to you! You can print them as many times as you like.

These colouring sheets can help your child recognise and write their own name from colouring it in repeatedly, in different fonts.

We believe in gender equality, so girls and boys receive the same designs seen above.

One child’s name per order. For additional children’s names, you must make additional orders. Keep the children amused for hours.

The coloured version will also make a great gift for relatives!

You will receive your personalised colouring designs via email within 24 hours of order.

We will do our best to create your personalised designs as soon as possible, however, so it may just be a few hours.

Discount code: 50%OFFCOLOURING

Each order is a set of 16 personalised colouring-in designs supplied as individual JPG files.

For high volume orders for schools, dental and doctors' practices, day cares and play groups please contact our shop admin with an offer.

But 2 or more and get 50% off the whole personalised colouring design order!

Use the discount code 50%OFFCOLOURING at checkout for 2 or more colouring-in design orders.

NOTE: Prices are in USD
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