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Creating ambiance with soft furnishings

This beautiful mini mosquito net will be an adorable addition to your child’s room deck, or living room.  

Create a play corner, cover a baby crib or create a special relaxation or reading space with a mini mosquito net – available in a range of colors, and made from a cheesecloth like polyester cotton fabric, these mosquito nets have the capacity to change the mood of a range of living spaces.

All too often, a living space’s points of interest are focused in the lower parts of the room, with the occasional picture hung.

Mosquito nets create a more dramatic vertical point of interest, with the textured fabric that folds with depth and delicacy, a child’s play room can be transformed into an imagination inspiring environment that brings forth mental imagery of knights and castles, princes and princesses … 

These delicate mosquito nets can be used to protect a small area such as a child’s crib, otherwise is purely decorative and whimsical.