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Recycling just got cooler with this drink can top remover

One for $19.99 - two for $29.99

Aluminium drink cans just expanded their horizons with this hot new device. By removing the drink can top and leaving the safe lip, the can becomes a reusable vessel for any number of uses. 

Once the top has been removed, the drink can can have nips added to create cool cocktails, ice, garnish, ice cream for a cool branded spider (ice cream float). Take a slab of dink cans on a camping trip and transform them into drinking vessels.

The can’s branding is retained for a cool pop culture vibe, and can be reused as a candle vessel, drinking cup, string light shade housing – your imagination is the only limit. 

Removing the top of the can also increases the ongoing use of the can for multitudes of utilitarian purposes.

You can have a set of Coca Cola cans as reusable beverage containers in your kitchen cupboard, or immediately convert throw away cans into reusable cans while camping or travelling.

  • The lid opener can be safely stored after closing the handle and can be slid into the pocket for easy carrying or storage in your gadgets drawer or car glovebox.
  • By removing the entire top hat, your nose can enjoy the aroma of the drink.
  • Improve the taste, let you enjoy like glass.
  • It can be used for most beverage cans, and can be used well for domestic, imported and craft beers and ciders, canned wine, canned cocktails, energy drinks, iced coffee, soda/soda water, etc.

To operate:

  • To avoid spillage, place unopened can on a hard, stable surface.
  • Grip the can at a reinforced place – around the top or bottom rim before applying the device.
  • Align the top edge of the can with the groove of the device, hold the device securely with your dominant hand, hold the bottom of the can with the other hand.
  • Press down to open the canner, slowly rotate it a few times, and then rotate again after hearing the sound, and then turn to take the corkscrew and lift to remove.
  • Make sure the device has completely removed the lid and the rim does not have any exposed sharp edges that may cut a finger or lip.
  • *** Please inspect closely before giving an opened can to a child and do not allow a child to operate the device under any circumstances.  

Material: POM + 304 stainless steel