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Choosing the right bedroom theme

A bedroom is a highly personal space, it’s where the lucky few who are granted entry are allowed a glimpse into your personal style. 

The messy bedroom

Depending on your age, the messy bedroom can tell people that you are busy, lazy, a dreamer or a complete [insert appropriate farm animal here].

As a young child, a messy bedroom will tell your friends that you’re fun and interesting, whereas as an adult, a messy bedroom tells purveyors that you are lazy, immature and very likely a mummy’s (or daddy’s) boy/girl looking for a parental figure to take over your parents’ ‘duty’ of cleaning up after you. 

The messy bedroom occupant may see this ‘comforting chaos’ as a completely organised system of efficient and effective content management …. because absolutely EVERYTHING is visible and close at hand. 

Need those shoes, no problem, they’re right there, on display with all the other shoes they’ve ever owned. 

There are no secrets in a messy room – due to your inability to put anything away, your entire life is effectively on display.


The inhabitant usually feels very comfortable in their chaos.


There are very few secrets to be had in the messy room – it’s all on display. Cleaning is difficult, feng shui is negatively impacted, dust mites and allergens can accumulate. 

The themed bedroom

The themed bedroom can be a striking statement reflecting that thing you really love. 

If this bedroom occupant loves Leggo, rainbows, frogs, horses, unicorns, wolves, sports,  spirituality or race cars … if will be very clear to all who enter here. 

The themed bedroom can present problems when the occupant transitions to a different age bracket, becomes interested in something new, or invites a new occupant with different tastes. That being said, the author of this article knows a 40 year old woman whose bedroom has a strong purple/unicorn themed bedroom, so the theme may become a long term passion that is strongly linked to the individual’s identity (it’s not me, I promise)


The themed bedroom can be a celebration of that thing you love.


The themed bedroom can be very difficult to transition into a new interest or age bracket.

The colour themed bedroom

The colour themed bedroom can be slightly less confining than the themed bedroom, as a transition can be made more gradually by introducing complimentary colours to shift the colour balance in a new direction. Think of a young girl with a hot pink themed room, now introduce some grey and white, slowly reducing the concentration of hot pink until softer pinks, greys and whites become more prevalent. This will reduce the financial impact of having to make a more dramatic change including duvet cover, pillow covers, sheets, throw rugs, floor rugs, lampshade and décor pieces.  


The colour themed room can be  celebration of the favourite or seasonal colour you’re infatuated with. Depending on the colour, changes can be made over time and at a gradual cost outlay as complimentary colours are introduced.


As seasonal colours change, a colour themed room can feel quite dated. A speedy transition to a new look could be quite expensive as all coloured pieces are replaced.